A downloadable game for Windows

As a tribute to RPGs, Channel 417 brings you a brand new game show, Level Up Land. Contestants must travel across Level Up Land, fighting many RPG monsters along the way to reach the ultimate goal of slaying a Dragon. Today's episode features a brand new contestant, Levi Luper (you).

Level Up Land operates on a pseudo-turn-based system, actions cost one "turn" and turns continuously accumulate over time. You can perform the basics such as attacking and running away but each enemy holds spells that you can extract and accumulate for yourself. Spells fulfill a variety of roles both in and out of combat, even spells that work to reach the same goal does so differently.

Enemies (generally) will deal damage to your shield before your health is affected and your shield will fully recover once the battle is over. Enemies also come in a variety of forms and will often come with their own quirks that can make them easier to defeat if you can work them out.

The pier is the "safe zone" where there are no enemy encounters, you get a free full recovery and you can save your progress.

Download the soudtrack, Level Up Land Lullabies for free here: https://velocityeleven.bandcamp.com/album/level-up-land-lullabies

Install instructions

Simply run the file. The save data will be created upon saving progress in the same folder as the game itself and will also be named "Level Up Land". Moving or renaming this save data will mean it will not be recognised by the game but this can be done to create alternate or back-up save files.


Level Up Land 15 MB